Using Ai for Historical Reenactment

Learning a lot about deep fakes and all the harm they can cause has taught me multiple reasons on why it is more harmful than good. I mean just thinking about the potential chaos it can create especially when it starts to develop even better and become even more realistic. However, there are beneficial ways you can use that type of Ai software. You could start by one using it for historical reenactment. It could be used to replicate old historical figures and events that took place. This would allow people to be able to experience and take part in big historical events that happened in the past and it could create core memories. And we could start using these historical reenactments to help with teaching young people about history. It makes it where it is more immersive and fun which is great for getting kids to focus. I know personally growing up I always struggled with history because it just felt very boring, so I feel like if I would have had something like this growing up that would have benefited my understanding of history ten fold. All it would need to happen is editing audio and any visual data like speeches or any type of photos and with deep fake ai it would bring that historical figure or event to life.  After reading an article I found out that something like this has happened on memorial day in 2021. I loved how the article talked about the benefits of it but also mentioned the potential harm of it if used incorrectly or got into the wrong hands and this article just goes to show that yes you can use deep fake ai in a healthy manner but the fear is the people who would take advantage of the new found technology.  In another article it talked about the positives that can come from using deep fake technology and it went over some ideas that I never thought of such as accessibility and art. It also brought up similar points to mine whereas I thought of the historical reenactment, the article emphasized more of the educational aspect of using it. It talks about how it could be helpful in teaching kids in a more fun and interactive way!

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